An innovative companion solution to your everyday sprinkler head replacement.
Eliminates the mess of digging every time your existing sprinkler head needs replacing.

Install SprinkWorks to:

  • Extend the life and efficiency of your sprinkler heads
  • Save time, labor and money
  • Works with most standard landscape brands with either 1/2" or 3/4" water inlets
  • Compatible with most standard sprinkler heads for new or existing installs
Sprinkler in Grass Blueprint
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Simply Snap Together
& You’re Done



  • Pop-ups, pop-outs, and donuts are a thing of the past.
  • Our system allows for instant head replacement in the event of failure, without ever having to digg again.
  • Collar design allows for easy replacement with most sprinkler spray heads and rotors.
  • Works with most major landscape brands for all your lawn and garden irrigation needs.

Don’t wait for your sprinkler to fail you.

Save time and money while beautifying your landscape with SprinkWorks

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